Human Detection

In addition to motion & sound detection, Foscam presents the new intelligent human recognition technology, based on image sensing technology.

It can detect human activities, eliminating 'false alarms' triggered by flying insects, moving pets or other objects (f.e. floating balloons), and push notifications to your devices when there might be a danger detected. You'll only be alerted for the moments that matter most and experience more personal and purposeful home security.

human detection


Watch the video below for additional information.

human detection

Which cameras?

At the moment de following cameras have Human Detection. The number of cameras with Human Detection will increase in the months to come.

  1. Foscam R4M Super HD Dual-Band WiFi IP Camera
    As low as € 129,95
  2. Foscam G4P 4MP Super HD WiFi buitencamera
    As low as € 129,95
  3. Foscam G4EP PoE 4MP buitencamera
    As low as € 129,95
  4. Foscam R2M 2MP pan-tilt camera
    As low as € 84,95
  5. Foscam C2M 2MP Dual-Band WiFi IP camera
    As low as € 64,95
  6. Foscam FI9912P Full HD 2MP IP camera
    As low as € 99,95
  7. Foscam D4Z, 4MP Dual Band WiFi PTZ camera
    As low as € 179,95
  8. Foscam FI9912EP Full HD 2MP PoE IP camera
    As low as € 99,95
  9. Foscam D2EP FHD PoE buiten IP camera
    As low as € 104,96