Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a digital assistant. With this assistant you can operate over 5000 smarthome devices. You can find Google Assistant on smartphones, smartwatches, Android TV, smart speakers, cars, tv's en headsets. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It's your own personal Google, always ready to help whenever you need it.


From now on the most recent Foscam cameras also work with Google Assistant. You can easily connect your camera to Google Assistant to view live images on your tv via Chromecast or on your Google Nest Hub. This feature is free of charge (works through Foscam Cloud).

google assistant

View the videos below for information and examples.


Google Assistant (support), in Dutch How to use Foscam camera with Google Assistant
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If you use Amazon Alexa in stead of Google Assistant, view this page.

Which cameras?

The following models currently work with Google Assistant:

  1. Foscam D4Z, 4MP Dual Band WiFi PTZ camera
    As low as € 179,95
  2. Foscam FI9928P 1080P PTZ Dome
    € 259,94
    Niet op voorraad
  3. Foscam G4EP PoE 4MP buitencamera
    As low as € 129,95
  4. Foscam R4M Super HD Dual-Band WiFi IP Camera
    As low as € 129,95
  5. Foscam FI9912EP Full HD 2MP PoE IP camera
    As low as € 99,95
  6. Foscam G4P 4MP Super HD WiFi buitencamera
    As low as € 129,95
  7. Foscam D2EP FHD PoE buiten IP camera
    As low as € 104,96
  8. Foscam FI9912P Full HD 2MP IP camera
    As low as € 99,95
  9. Foscam R4 HD 4.0 MP pan-tilt camera
    € 129,95
    Niet op voorraad
  10. Foscam R2M 2MP pan-tilt camera
    As low as € 84,95
  11. Foscam C2M 2MP Dual-Band WiFi IP camera
    As low as € 64,95